Sleep Studies

A number of sleep disorders and disturbances are easily diagnosed by a simple test called a polysomnogram, or sleep study.  A sleep study painlessly measures a number of selected brain and body functions, including respiration, during sleep.

Since August 8, 2011 Caldwell County residents have one more tool in their toolkit toward good sleep, Caldwell Memorial Sleep Center.  The Center is Caldwell's newest diagnostic facility.  Designed with our patients' comfort in mind; Caldwell Memorial Sleep Center provides a relaxing environment and state-of-the-art technology so that sleep quality can truly be measured.

A physician referral is required in order to schedule a sleep study.  If you feel you have symptoms of sleep deprivation or disturbances - excessive sleepiness, especially after a long night's sleep; excessive snoring; stopping breathing during sleep; etc.. If you need a personal healthcare provider, please call our Provider Information Line at 828-757-5464 for the names and numbers of providers to contact.

Caldwell Memorial Sleep Center is a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital.

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