Caldwell Acute Care Specialists

Caldwell Acute Care Specialists Provide
Hospitalist Inpatient Care for You

What is a hospitalist?
A hospitalist is a physician who takes care of patients during their hospital stay.

How does hospitalist care benefit you?
Hospitalists are responsible for your care during your hospital stay. They dedicate 100% of their time to caring for hospitalized patients by coordinating the care of specialists, scheduling procedures, monitoring progress and arranging follow-up visits with your personal physician.

Hospitalists are here to help you make important medical decisions.
The hospitalist on duty will have the most recent and most complete update on your condition. He or she can guide you with recommendations for you and your family concerning your care. The hospitalist will also share this information with your follow-up physician.

Is there a charge for hospitalist care?
Hospitalists charge for their services during your stay just as any other physician would. As in the case of any hospital stay, you will receive a bill from Caldwell and from the physician group providing your hospitalist care, Caldwell Acute Care Specialists. 

What happens after I am discharged?
The hospitalist will arrange for any support services that you and your family may need, including your prescriptions, before you leave the hospital. They will share this information with your regular physician or assigned primary care physician (if you do not have a regular physician) and arrange for your follow-up appointment.


Caldwell Acute Care Specialists is a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital.


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