Family BirthPlace

The Family BirthPlace at Caldwell Memorial Hospital, a division of UNC Health Care, is dedicated to providing family support and individualized care, and we’re honored to help your family to be healthy beginning with Day One.  It is one of the reasons we strongly support breastfeeding, firmly believing “Nothing says Mother’s love like Mother’s milk,” and we’re happy to assist you in breastfeeding your baby.  Multiple studies have proven breastfeeding your baby is healthy for your baby and you.  It is easier to do than you think and even Dad can be directly involved in breastfeeding their children.  In fact, The Family BirthPlace offers many classes free of charge to our patients including Childbirth, Breast Feeding and Sibling. We are also strong advocates of baby bonding with couplet care, where mother and baby remain together, as a pair, while in the hospital. The couplet care method promotes stronger family bonding and attachment.


You will find The Family BirthPlace nurses and physicians are patient advocates and assist in developing an individualized plan of care for your special delivery.  Our knowledgeable nursing staff has decades of experience which they can call upon for personalized nursing care throughout your stay, Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) certified medical and nursing staff, certified nursery nurses, certified lactation consultant along with thirteen-bed Level One nursery.  Patient experiences at The Family BirthPlace are focused on personalized approach, experienced staff, and our professional nursery while we work with you to develop a personal birth plan.    We encourage you to come and participate in one of our tours of The Family BirthPlace and you will get a better understanding of why we encourage rooming-in when your baby is due.  While you’re here, learn about delivery options after cesarean, or water births and more.  The Family BirthPlace at Caldwell memorial Hospital, call us at 828-757-5371 for more information.


The Family BirthPlace is a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital.


321 Mulberry Street, SW
Lenoir, NC 28645
phone: 828-757-5371