Caldwell Memorial Hospital Named Industry of the Year for 2012 by Caldwell County Economic Development Commission

Caldwell Memorial Hospital Senior Leadership Team celebrates the hospital's recognition as 2012 Industry of the Year by Caldwell County EDC. (L-R): David Horn, VP for Business Development; Laura Easton, President/CEO; Danny Morgan, Physician Services; Sharon Kimball, CNO; Rebecca Smith, COO; Don Gardner, CFO

On February 20, 2013, Caldwell County Economic Development Commission recognized Caldwell Memorial Hospital as Industry of the Year for 2012.  The award came in recognition of the importance of health care as an industry in our community and the growth of Caldwell Memorial Hospital over it's sixty-two year history. 

Laura Easton, President and CEO of Caldwell Memorial Hospital, made the following remarks at the event:

"Thank you for this honor.  Our industry is truly a community industry and our success is a direct reflection of our community.   As John Maxwell wrote, 'the capacity of a leader is capped by the capabilities of their team members.' And I have great team members supporting me in the leadership of this hospital.  My executive team is here today and I applaud their leadership.  The physicians on our medical staff are a part of that team.  And, the quality of our medical staff is the envy of my fellow CEOs across the State.  So I applaud our physicians.  The 900+ employees who come to work at CMH each day.  I applaud their efforts.  And then,  many folks in this room have served on the Board of Directors of the Hospital or the Foundation or have helped the Hospital through donations and/or other support.  So, I applaud you and the role you play to make our industry successful.  Thank you EDC for this honor."

Since opening in 1951,  Caldwell Memorial Hospital has continued to grow and change in order to better meet the health care needs of our community. Among our services and divisions are Caldwell Memorial Spine Center; carotid artery stenting; cardiovascular and endovascular care; a fully-staffed 24-hour Emergency Department; dialysis access; McCreary Cancer Center; The Pain Management Center; The Quest4Life Wellness Center; Robbins Cardiology; and Robbins Pulmonology.

Caldwell Physicians is a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital representing more than 50 provider practitioners rendering care to our community.  Caldwell Physicians includes: Anderson Medical Park; Digestive Health Center, Falls Medical Park; Falls Pediatrics; Hallmark Family Physicians; Laurel Park Women’s Health; McBurney Primary Care; Mulberry Pediatrics; Piedmont Vista Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy; Robbins Cardiology; Robbins Medical Park; Robbins Pulmonology; Southfork Medical Park; and Westpointe Medical Practice.  The services of PLUS Urgent Care, family medicine and internal medicine are available at Falls Medical Park and Robbins Medical Park.

The mission of Caldwell Memorial Hospital is to provide safe, effective, compassionate care and to promote healthy lifestyles to our community.  To help further the mission of promoting healthy lifestyles, Caldwell Memorial is a founding member of Caldwell Community Gardens, a partner with City of Lenoir in both the Beall Street and Unity Park & Community Gardens, and a member of the Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina Leadership  Team.

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