Caldwell Memorial Spine Center Offers New Approach for Relief of Adult Degenerative Scoliosis

The Spine Center at  Caldwell Memorial Hospital is the site of a new surgical technique to provide relief to those suffering from adult degenerative scoliosis. The minimally disruptive procedure, called eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF®), differs from traditional spinal surgery by employing a lateral approach (entering from the side of the body), which eliminates the disruption of muscles, bones and ligaments that result from the traditional posterior (back) approach and dramatically reduces hospital and recovery times.

About 250,000 total lumbar spine procedures are conducted in the United States each year with adult degenerative scoliosis accounting for about one-third of them. Adult degenerative scoliosis, which can result from untreated childhood scoliosis or can develop in adulthood due to age and deterioration of the spine, can lead to lower back pain, nerve damage, spinal instability and difficulty sitting or standing. 

"XLIF offers a safe, effective and less invasive alternative to traditional or open spine surgery," explained Dr. Matthew Hannibal, Medical Director of The Spine Center at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. "This approach provides greater access to the spine, offers better visualization during surgery, and results in less tissue disruption and blood loss. Because many patients suffering from degenerative scoliosis cannot tolerate a traditional "open" procedure due to the increased risks of long anesthesia time, elevated blood loss, long hospitalization, and months - or even years - of recovery, XLIF provides a valuable alternative for patients seeking relief from this painful condition.  Most XLIF patients are walking within one day, are discharged from the hospital within one-to-two days, and return to normal activities significantly faster than they would have following traditional spinal surgery. XLIF is a win-win approach for all - the patient, the surgeon and the hospital."

The XLIF surgical procedure, developed by NuVasive, Inc. of San Diego, CA, employs NuVasive's minimally disruptive instrumentation and proprietary surgical technologies. Both technologies are critical in allowing lateral access to the spine.

A member of the Active Medical Staff of Caldwell Memorial Hospital, Dr. Matthew Hannibal is a board certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and a member of the Society of Lateral Access Surgeons (SOLAS), a group of surgeons who have proven advanced skill with the lateral access technique. As medical director of The Spine Center at Caldwell Memorial, he oversees the Center's clinical spine program. 

The Caldwell Memorial Spine Center's comprehensive program includes:

  • Physical Therapy at Caldwell Memorial and Quest4Life Rehab Services
  • Pain Management through Anesthesiology at Caldwell Memorial and The Pain Management Center
  • Dedicated Spine Center Operating Room and Operating Room Staff
  • Classes, seminars, and informational sessions at The Quest4Life Wellness Center on a variety of topics including Back Pain, Spine Surgery, Smoking Cessation, Nutrition, Diabetes, & more

Quest4Life Rehab Services, The Pain Management Center, and The Quest4Life Wellness Center are divisions of Caldwell Memorial Hospital.